Like the One Before

Bridgett’s life was perfect. Her marriage was one that barely had to be edited for the social media feeds—it was that good and pure and earnest. Then, one day, Bridgett’s eye wandered and all that was sweetly hers suddenly disappeared. Since her act of infidelity almost a decade ago, every day has been the same as before: different.

Each morning for the past ten years, Bridgett wakes next to a different man. Her life is defined by his, for better or worse. And if it’s the latter, the only thing she can hope for is a new morning.

Her family and friends accept each husband and his built-in history, able to describe events she doesn’t remember: courtship, marriage and sometimes deaths. Not even her daily spouses seem to be aware of her alternate reality. As far as she knows, Bridgett is alone in this strange cycle, and subject to the consequences of trying to evade it. As far as she knows, she is the only prisoner, serving a never-ending sentence for infidelity.

Or so she thought until she wakes up next to Beth, who endures the same circumstance but reveals a different experience. Instead of merely surviving each new situation, Beth harnesses the waking opportunities to learn new skills, gain information and navigate the world in a way that only she can.

And then Bridgett wakes up next to Beth the day after. And the day after that. Slowly, Bridgett learns from Beth how to live a more actualized life. Together they try to figure out their mutual mystery through their varied pasts.

Unfortunately, they don’t know how much time they will have together, and how long until the forces that sentenced them to this bizarre reality figure out that there is a glitch in their system. Or what else will be waiting for them with each new morning.